Complimentary Hot Spa Towels

Soothe dry, tired hands and drench your skin in moisture. Includes a sugar scrub exfoliation, deep hydration and a paraffin wax dip.

The deep moist penetrating heat is also recommended for relieving the aches of arthritis or other joint stiffness.

Our Exclusive 5 Stone Treatment allows you to add Hot Stones to any area you want a little extra TLC. The penetrating moist heat of the hot stones will loosen tired, tight muscles in a relaxing, soothing and gentle way. Let the hot stones work their magic on your tired, sore muscles.  Your muscles work hard for you, they deserve a little extra TLC!

BioActive Peel: $60

Paraffin Hand Treatment: $15


Moist warm spa towels are placed on your back and feet during all sessions 60 minutes or greater. The warm moisture helps to relax and soothe your tired, sore muscles. 

Bright Eye Treatment: $10

Add this treatment to any service or use alone. This is a wonderful treatment to alleviate stress, help align the spinal column, alleviate tension in joints & muscles, promotes energy and detoxification through creating improved circulation and oxygenation to all areas of the body.

DermaPlane: $25

Includes the aftercare kit ($30 value)

BioActive Peel is a high-intensity, professional chemical peel designed to draamatically resurface the skin with minimal recovery time. This unique, multi-phase approach works with the skin's biology to safely slough away dull epidermal layers and accelerate cell renewal without the inflammation and down time typically associated with chemical peels. 
Our licensed Esthetician can help design a series of treatments to address your spcific needs, whether you're looking to address photoaging, fine lines and wrinkles, unbalanced skin tone or breakouts.

Gently exfoliate and treat your eye area to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. The perfect addition to any skin care service.

Lip Treatment: $10

Exfoliation Booster: $10

*All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Chi Machine Treatment: Minute/$1

Add Dermaplaning to any facial to enhance  exfoliation by removing surface debris using a dermablade. Dermaplaning increases the absorbtion of topical products, immediately diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, primes skin for our BioActive peel and creates a healthier, more radiant appearance. 

The retreat you deserve, close to home.

Simply Massage & Spa

DeepHeat Treatment: $12

The aromatic benefits of essential oils may help the body and mind into a deeper relaxation. Each oil has its own unique characteristics and benefits.

Our Deep Heat Treatment is ideal for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or limited mobility due to over used muscles. This therapy uses both warming and cooling thermal treatment to provide deep muscle pain relief, decrease inflammation and increase circulation. This treatment can be added to any massage and will not add additional time!

Soothing Scalp Treatment: $15

Kinesio Taping: $10

The perfect additions to any of your services.

Kinesio Taping is used to relieve pain, improve circulation, promotes and speeds healing. Use up to 3 pcs of tape.

5 StoneTreatment: $12

Complimentary Aromatherpy

Upgrade any facial with an exfoliation booster to help slough off dead layers of skin for a more rejuvenated, renew look. Perfect for all skin types.

This 3 step treatment exfoliates, plumps and moisturizes lips. Pucker Up!

Moisturizing and invigorating, this treatment hydrates your scalp and leaves hair soft and healthy. During your session your Therapist will gently massage Moroccan Oil into your scalp, then brush the oil through your hair. Who doesn't love that feeling!

Deluxe Foot Treatment: $15

Recommended for those who love a great foot massage! 

We'll start your experience with our Hot Spa Towel treatment. We'll move onto buffing away any rough spots with our scrub followed by more Hot Spa Towels.

Finally, we'll soothe, massage and moisturize using

Bon Vital Foot Balm on your feet as well as your calves! You will enjoy the most luxurious, foot treatment you've ever experienced!  

This enhancement will not add time to your session.

For a longer foot treatment with more foot massage book this as a full 30 minute service under our massage tab!